FAIR Spirits and Divine Chocolate

*Press Release*

FAIR Spirits have created a partnership with Divine Chocolate and several bars in London to celebrate London Chocolate Week and Rum Week by doing Rum and Chocolate pairing.

The bars in question are: Hush, Skylon, Jinjuu, Smith & Whistle, Opium, Pearson room, London Capital Club, Resident Paradise Row, Eckovision, Plateau, South Place Hotel and Merchant House.

A few of the available delights are:

Black Sail Recipe by Michele Quarta from Skylon:

Black Sail
2 bottles of FAIR. Belize Rum 5 years
400 ml Apricot liqueur
Day 1 : Add 60 g roasted almonds to the infusion
Day 2 : add 2 cinnamon sticks and 2 vanilla pod
Day 3 : add 150 g Divine 70% Dark Chocolate
Day 4 : add 1 dried star anise Day 5 : filter the infusion and enjoy!

Jackie Brown by Damian Williams at Opium:

Jackie Brown
(adapted from a 2006 recipe by Rich Hunt at The Player, Soho)
50ml Belize 5 Year Old Rum
7.5ml maple syrup
5ml D.O.M. Benedictine
2 dashes angostura bitters
Stir in a double Old Fashioned glass with cubed ice. Garnish with an orange twist, grate dark chocolate over the top and serve with the rest of the bar.

Black Orchid at Hush by William Solórzano:

Black Orchid
40ml FAIR. Belize Rum 5yo
25ml Black Cacao liqueur
20ml FAIR. Cafe liqueur
15ml Dry curacao
Plus the brown sugar rim, basil sugar and orange peel

Also, if you get the opportunity, there is a FAIR tasting at Whisky Exchange on Friday between 12 and 7!


We’re big fans of Divine Chocolate here and well…you know….Rum! If you get the opportunity…its something that you must try.

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