Pusser’s Rum Strikes Gold

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Pusser’s Rum strikes gold at Rum Masters 2015 and The Fifty Best Spirits Awards

PussersTwo rums from the Pusser’s Rum portfolio have been awarded gold medals at The Spirits Business World Rum Masters — an annual blind tasting competition judged by an independent panel of rum experts. The winning rums were Pusser’s Rum Blue Label (40% ABV) and Pusser’s Spiced, which also won gold at The Fifty Best Spiced Rum Tasting, where contenders were evaluated for the distinguished “Best Spiced Rum” awards for 2015.

Pusser’s Spiced has gone against the grain of traditional Spiced rums, utilising a steeping process with fresh culinary ginger and other Caribbean herbs and spices, not a typical infusion. The process takes up to 14 days to complete, which means that the rum cannot be tested, let alone bottled in this time. The ingredients are all natural, following in the tradition of Pusser’s Rum blends, and adheres to stringent quality tests once the steeping process has finished.

Peter Thornton, Brand Manager for Pusser’s Rum said, “We are delighted to win these prestigious awards because they are given by true rum connoisseurs. The Spiced category is one of the fastest growing in the spirits market, and we are thrilled that Pusser’s is able to capitalise on this trend with our new Spiced Blend.”

The Spirits Business is a London-based publication, website, and media partner of the International Bartender’s Association. Read by over 50,000 spirits professionals, it conducts yearly blind tasting competitions that draw entries in a variety of categories from throughout the world. This year’s Global Rum Master competition took place at The Jugged Hare in London’s Chiswell Street, and received a record-breaking number of entries across 15 categories.

TheFiftyBest.com is an award-winning online guide to fine living, featuring rated listings from unbiased surveys and proprietary tastings judged by wine/spirits journalists, spirits professionals, retailers, mixologists, spirits consultants and connoisseurs. Adhering to strict tasting rules and rigorous methodology, The Fifty Best achieves the highest standards of spirits evaluations.

The Pusser’s Rum gold medals were in the following categories:

  • Pusser’s Rum Spiced: Spiced Rum – Rum Masters 2015 Awards
  • Pusser’s Rum Spiced: Spiced Rum – The Fifty Best Awards
  • Pusser’s Rum Blue Label: Dark up to 7 Year Old – Rum Masters 2015 Awards

Pusser’s Rum bottles, blends and distributes the original Pusser’s artisanal rum blends are crafted using time-honoured traditions and techniques. Each marque is hand-selected, according to specification, for its individual smoothness, flavour, and mellow depth. The rich flavour of Pusser’s Rum is all natural — no artificial flavouring or colouring is added.


Having tried, picked up and consumed a bottle of Pusser’s Spiced at RumFest, it is indeed tasty stuff and the Blue Label (I’m assuming that it is the reduced abv expression) was also a tasty piece of kit from what I recall of RumFest!

Up Spirits!

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