pic-fbWell……this is where I make some attempt to explain why I’ve decided to write about Rum…something that has NEVER previously crossed my mind. After drinking and enjoying beer in all its forms for numerous years, I stumbled upon Rum, Cuban Rum, by chance, when I met my wife…..although my earliest experience was when my Grandad gave me warm milky coffee with a dash of navy rum to quieten me down while he attempted to watch the boxing on Grandstand of a Saturday afternoon…..so it appears that my roots in rum pre-date legal drinking age.

Fast forward 30 odd years, I discovered Twitter, online drinks shops and The Ministry Of Rum website. I clearly had a deep interest and an acquaintance encouraged me to consider writing the blog to get down my thoughts, experiences and everything in between. So here we are. My aim, is to hopefully look at the Rums that I’ve tried in the past, am still trying and hope to try in the future.

I by no means have the best palate out there but we all taste what we taste….its an individual experience. This is an interest and a passion and couldn’t be further away from my day job and therefore my opinions are exactly that, my opinions. You may agree, disagree or be indifferent to the whole thing, but if you are reading this site, you have an interest in Rum, spirits and any number of drinks, and that will be something that we have in common.


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